This Robot May Displace 500,000 Workers

Robot Friends of Labor

Labor Union Report reports:

“Robots do not call off, robots don’t take breaks, and robots do not take vacation,” states ‘serial robotics entrepreneur’ Linda Pouliot, CEO and founder of Dishcraft.

[And, they don’t pay union dues or go on strike, one might add.]

From cafeteria workers to those who work in restaurants large and small, there are more than half a million people working as dishwashers in the United States today, reports CNBC.

Enter Dishcraft’s Pouliot and her CTO Paul Birkmeyer.

To learn whether or not kitchens could be automated, Pouliot and Birkmeyer went to work as dishwashers and “discovered that work in the dish room is the same as it has been for decades — repetitive, frantic and physically punishing,” according to CNBC.

Pouliot wrote about her first day washing dishes.