Trump’s promise to create millions of apprenticeships has resulted in ZERO apprenticeships

More broken promises that were made to working Americans.

Ian Kullgren reports:

Two years after President Donald Trump signed an executive order that he said would “create apprenticeships for millions of our citizens,” not a single apprenticeship program has been created under the program, nor a single person trained.

Apprenticeships rank so high as a priority for Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta that when he appears in public he speaks of little else. But his department has struggled through two years and multiple false starts to propose a regulation that can implement the program.

The delay shows how, in attempting to speed deregulation by cutting out bureaucrats and confining policy discussion to political appointees, the Trump administration is slowing down its own initiatives.

The White House budget office finally cleared a proposed rule Friday, signaling it will likely be made public soon. In a written statement, a DOL spokeswoman said that “much progress has been made, and in the coming days we will announce important milestones.”