The Guggenheim has unionized!

Labor organizing in the art world gained a big win on Thursday night when workers at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum voted to unionize. Petitioners including art handlers and facilities staff working in construction will join Local 30, a chapter of the International Union of Operating Engineers also representing installers and maintenance workers at New York’s MoMA PS1.

Organized Labor is finally waking up!

You may have noticed some labor disruptions in the headlines. A few examples from the past month: employees of Vox Media successfully negotiated a collective bargaining agreement, Buzzfeed employees walked out in an effort to get recognition for their union, and Volkswagen workers in Tennessee talked wildcat strikes after a vote to unionize failed by a small margin.

Lawmakers, 2020 candidates mourn loss of 9/11 responder Luis Alvarez

CNN REPORTS: Congressional lawmakers and 2020 presidential hopefuls quickly responded to the news of the death of Luis Alvarez — a retired NYPD bomb squad detective who testified for Congress to appeal for replenishing the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund. Sen. Bernie Sanders said on Twitter Saturday, “We mourn the loss of Luis Alvarexz, aContinue reading “Lawmakers, 2020 candidates mourn loss of 9/11 responder Luis Alvarez”

AFT President Randi Weingarten and Montana Federation of Public Employees President Eric Feaver on the Supreme Court Decision

American Federation of Teachers  President Randi Weingarten and Montana Federation of Public Employees President Eric Feaver today issued the following joint statement on the U.S. Supreme Court’s agreement to hear oral arguments on the Montana-based case  Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue: Weingarten said: “The separation of church and state harkens back to the beginningsContinue reading “AFT President Randi Weingarten and Montana Federation of Public Employees President Eric Feaver on the Supreme Court Decision”

GM is plotting a temp-worker push

General Motors Co. wants to hire more temporary workers at U.S. plants and trim its healthcare costs, said people familiar with the automaker’s thinking. Its union — still steaming over the carmaker’s plans to close four U.S. factories — has little interest in obliging.

Charter schools are changing education — for the worse

High faculty turnover, high student attrition, and booming funding are making charters into the perfect weapon to destroy our public school system. Michelle Chen reports: Charter schools have been hailed as the antidote to public-school dysfunction by everyone from tech entrepreneurs to Wall Street philanthropists. But a critical autopsyby the advocacy group Network for Public Education (NPE)Continue reading “Charter schools are changing education — for the worse”

Illinois IKEA Distribution Center Workers Vote to Join Machinists Union

A group of 186 distribution center workers at IKEAdistribution centers in Joliet and Minooka, Ill. voted this Wednesday and Thursday to join the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM). IKEA is in the process of transitioning work from Minooka to its new facility in Joliet. “These hard-working men and women are proud to work at IKEA and doContinue reading “Illinois IKEA Distribution Center Workers Vote to Join Machinists Union”

The Koch’s have infiltrated Teach for America in order to promote charter schools

Documents obtained by ProPublica show that the Walton foundation, a staunch supporter of school choice and Teach for America’s largest private funder, was paying $4,000 for every teacher placed in a traditional public school — and $6,000 for every one placed in a charter school. Keep reading. Friends of Labor is the #1 curator ofContinue reading “The Koch’s have infiltrated Teach for America in order to promote charter schools”

`Scabby the Rat’ is the Subject of a Free-Speech Fight over Unions’ Rights

Bloomberg Law reports: A rat bigger than even the rodents of New York City is the linchpin of a case that may prompt the U.S. labor board to reinterpret how, when or even if certain union protests are protected by labor laws and the First Amendment. A dispute out of Philadelphia involving Scabby the Rat,Continue reading “`Scabby the Rat’ is the Subject of a Free-Speech Fight over Unions’ Rights”

Workers demand new social contract

Tony Akowe reports: workers participating in the ongoing 108th session of the International Labour Conference (ILC) on the platform of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) are demanding a new social contract from world leaders and employers of labour across the globe. Led by Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) President Ayuba Wabba, the workers staged aContinue reading “Workers demand new social contract”

Employees Win Contract Despite Aggressive Anti-Union Campaign

Meadow Park has a unique history with SEIU Local 503 as the first nursing home to join the union, providing an example for dozens of other nursing homes across Oregon. The facility was purchased by an out-of-state corporation called Cornerstone Holdings in January of 2018, and this started a grueling sixteen months of bargaining as SEIU members fought to hold onto the gains we made over years of collective action. Many of the employees at Meadow Park have stuck with the company for their whole career, with some holding more than forty years of loyal employment with the company.

BREAKING: Security Workers Vote Unanimously to Form Union

Alex Greenberger reports: Another union at a North American art museum has officially been formed. On Tuesday, security workers at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle voted unanimously to unionize. The vote to form the union, which is called the Art Workers Union, was 6-0, according to a release put out by the AWU. TheContinue reading “BREAKING: Security Workers Vote Unanimously to Form Union”